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The Kantar Better Futures Report is a valuable, freely available resource that provides key insights into consumer perspectives on sustainability and the social and environmental issues that are important to Kiwis and how this has changed over time.

The cost of living remains the number one issue for New Zealanders, closely followed by protection of children, crime levels and the availability of affordable housing. For the first time we have also seen extreme weather events enter into the top 10 concerns. Read the full report to discover in-depth insights.

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New research reveals that the last 12 months has seen a notable increase in sustainability activism, concern about the impact of climate change on NZ has also maintained it’s rebound after the initial shock of the pandemic, but the primary issue of concern to New Zealanders remains the cost of living.

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Better Futures 2023
New research confirms the rising cost of living is putting increasing pressure on New Zealanders, with sustainability commitment and behaviours taking a backseat. 72% of respondents to Kantar’s 2023 Better Futures report, released today in conjunction with the Sustainable Business Council (SBC), named cost of living as their primary concern – and 90% also named it as the leading consideration when purchasing a good or service.
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Better Futures 2022
New research reveals that economic and wellbeing concerns have intensified for people as they continue to grapple with the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, coupled with emerging economic challenges including rising inflationary pressures.
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Better Futures 2021
New research reveals New Zealanders are anxious about the cost of living and housing availability in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Better Futures 2020
Our 2020 Better Futures Report provides key insights into consumer perspectives on sustainability and the social and environmental issues that are important to Kiwis.
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Better Futures 2019
For the first time in 10 years, New Zealanders’ concern about climate change has tipped 50% and plastic becomes a top of mind concern for Kiwis.
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Better Futures 2017
Water, plastic waste and climate action are the emerging hot topics to come out of the latest Better Futures report along with New Zealanders views of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s).
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Latest Thinking

Four Square takes out April Kantar Ad Impact Award
Returning to our TV screens after an almost two-decade long hiatus, Four Square takes out the April 2023 Kantar Ad Impact Award with their ad “The King’s Feast”. An entertaining watch, this ad effectively launches Four Square’s new platform “What’ll it be today?” and reminds us of the strong ties the store has in communities across New Zealand.
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Strong creative equals strong profitability!
Did you know that the most creative and effective ads generate more than four times as much profit as those with low creative quality? If you are looking at which growth levers to pull or are looking to build your case to hold onto creative budget in these lean times, this is certainly something worth factoring into your thinking.
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ITM takes out March Kantar Ad Impact Award
The Kantar Ad Impact Award for March 2023 goes to ITM for “We speak builder - Shocker”. Sharing with us some entertaining and quirky Kiwi banter, the Brand and its peerless understanding of its customers are effortlessly combined in this wonderful TVC that oozes genuine warmth and Kiwi charm.
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Creative Effectiveness Awards 2023
Revealed: the most creative and effective ads from 2022, judged by consumers. And the secrets behind their success.
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