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Successful brands need to know which touchpoints will enable them to reach the right people with the right message in the right place. 

Kantar’s media solutions helps clients navigate the exciting and fast-changing world of media. 

We provide a unique and complete picture of campaign effectiveness across all channels and devices. And, by partnering with advertisers and their agencies, we use the insights uncovered from real consumers to inform the art and science of media success. 

Our insights identify which touchpoints will best engage their target, inform the planning of multi-channel campaigns, identify where synergies exist, measure the efficiency of media investment and allow you to optimise digital campaigns in real time. 

Informing media decisions ​

With an ever-growing number of touchpoints, marketing investment is often wasted on ineffective channels.

To help you prioritise spend we uniquely provide a holistic view of your performance across all brand touchpoints – not just paid media – and compare this to the competition. We measure and diagnose the impact that each touchpoint has on brand equity to identify the most impactful touchpoints, so you can optimise your investments.

Testing media decisions 

In a world where digital media play an important role in brand building, you need to understand the effectiveness of your digital content in a real-life context before your campaign goes live. 

From branded content to social integrations, as well as influencer content and native marketing, we can test the same ad in multiple contexts, or compare ads.

Making media investment work

We quantify the effectiveness of multimedia and digital campaigns on key brand metrics and provide actionable insights to help improve media planning.

By establishing media exposure, we can isolate the impact of each channel on brand success and understand channel synergies. We can identify which channels and which digital formats build key brand associations, so you can optimise your media spend and drive future campaign effectiveness.

Jason Schoeman
Jason Schoeman

Marketplace Director & Head of Media
[email protected]

Media Reactions 2023

Media Reactions provides a comprehensive view of the current media landscape and shows you how to navigate it. The report offers essential guidance for campaign planning with a ranking of media channels and brands and detailed insights into the channels and platforms consumers and marketers prefer. It uncovers the platforms that will work best for your brand.

Now in its fourth year, it has media insights from over 16,000 consumers and 900 senior marketers from around the world.

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