Sustainable Transformation

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As consumer and employee activism become the new normal and environmental and social challenges dominate the news, sustainability has become one of the biggest strategic challenges facing marketers and businesses.

Kantar’s Better Futures report has been tracking New Zealander’s attitudes to sustainability since 2009. It is one of the most sought after annual reports available on the topic, providing a useful NZ perspective and allowing comparable metrics with global data from Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice. 

Our recognised expertise in this area means we can work with organisations across the spectrum of sustainability challenges in order to meaningfully define and powerfully activate sustainability strategy. 

As a business we walk the talk. We are members of the Sustainable Business Council and are CEMARS Certified which means we know exactly what our carbon footprint is and have projects underway to reduce it.

Define the issues that your organisation has the right to authentically address​

We help clients to identify ‘where to play’. Identify your consumers’ key values and sector-specific expectations about sustainability, and understand what issues you should address, accounting for factors from brand and vision to stakeholder interest.

Drive meaningful behaviour change and unlock the “say-do” gap​

Building on our world-class behavioural insight expertise, we give you insight to the barriers to sustainable behaviour and a wider view of intent.

Understand your impact​

From communications to corporate reputation, sales to brand equity, utilise our unique, industry-leading measurement assets to optimise your decision-making in this fast-moving space.

Prepare your organisation for disruptive change​

Our experts and tools enable organisations to better anticipate sustainability issues that will impact their sector, and provide roadmaps for your organisation to deliver to unlock sector-specific opportunities​.

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger

Chief Client Officer
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Jason Cate

Head of Sustainability
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Better Futures Report

The Kantar New Zealand Better Futures report provides up to date insights into consumers’ views on sustainability – what’s important and current issues affecting their ability to act in a sustainable way. Discover how attitudes have changed over time and which New Zealand brands are viewed by consumers as having the strongest sustainability credentials. 

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