Kantar Marketplace is an automated market research platform designed for insights professionals, marketers and agencies who want to test, learn and move faster.

It is the only market research platform with solutions that have been independently validated to predict sales and brand growth. We are committed to helping you unlock powerful insights through our verified audiences, intuitive self-serve dashboards and expert consulting – in over 65 countries including New Zealand.

Find out why the world’s leading brands choose Kantar Marketplace for their agile market research needs.

“Working with the Kantar team and using Kantar Marketplace to run our brand equity research project has been a great experience from start to finish. Not only were we able to get the deep insights we needed quickly, as well as being customisable and cost efficient, the research provided us with robust measurement of key metrics, including brand equity and allowed us to benchmark and plan for our future brand strategy”

Jamie Allen, Head of Marketing, Chemist Warehouse NZ

Extraordinary creative, with ad testing that’s extraordinarily fast

Evaluate TV, digital, print and outdoor advertising with agile ad testing solutions. Make confident, data-driven decisions about what works, how much to spend and how to optimise your creative. 

Put people at the heart of your innovation 

Propel business growth with agile consumer feedback solutions built for every phase of the innovation and product development lifecycle.

Getting media right

Know which campaign elements work best for your brand in different media contexts, so you can get the most out of your budget.

Agile insights designed to make your brand stand out

Measure and evaluate your brand performance so you can optimise your marketing and make meaningful connections with consumers​.

Jason Schoeman
Jason Schoeman

Marketplace Director & Head of Media
[email protected]

How agile market research drives business transformation

In a complex, ever-changing environment, speed to insights is essential, but having confidence in your data is a requirement for making bold decisions that drive growth. We all aspire to make bold decisions that change the market and propel the business forward. But behind every bold move you see – whether it’s a new product innovation or a disruptive campaign – you can be certain there were reliable insights that gave the business confidence to place a big bet.​

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