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Grow your brand with extraordinary creative.

In our hyper-connected digital world, people see more content, in more places, than ever before, creating endless possibilities for brands to connect. But with people empowered and motivated to skip, avoid or block ads, how can you stand out and maximise return on your creative investment?

We believe that people’s attention is a privilege, not a right, and that the role of marketers is to entice people with engaging and relevant content. We know the most successful campaigns start with a clear human insight, and tell stories that resonate consistently across all touch points, online and off.

They communicate a meaningful difference, generate sales in the short-term, build brands in the long-term, and have the power to increase ROI ten-fold. Creating extraordinary content is the greatest opportunity you have to make your brand grow, so it’s important to invest in the right insights to do this.

Our creative specialists can help you navigate the creative journey from identifying the best idea, right through to flawless execution, and best practice learnings for your next campaign. Drawing on the world’s largest database, behavioural measures, neuroscience capabilities, and extensively validated solutions, we show you exactly how to develop and optimise your creative to stand out, create meaningful impressions and generate sales.

The brain lies – taking neurology in advertising to new heights
What do EEG, sailing meteorologists and the 2016 US election have to teach marketers about prediction? Kantar Millward Brown neuroscience lead Haydn Northover writes exclusively for Marketing Magazine and says just asking has never been sufficient in developing holistic advertising predictions.
Marketing: Using neuroscience to pinpoint the ‘a-ha’ moments for your brand
Marketing speaks with Deepak Varma, Kantar’s global head of neuroscience, about the powerful marketing insights his practice is revealing.
Podcast: Understanding neuroscience
In this 5-minute podcast, Deepak Varma, Kantar’s North American head of neuroscience spoke with our colleagues at Kantar Australia.
Brian Turner
Brian Turner

Head of Brand Strategy and Creative Development
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Ad Award Winners

Whittaker’s takes out November Kantar Ad Impact Award
The November Kantar Ad Impact Award goes to Whittaker’s “The Gift of Great Taste” advert from their “Best is Always Better” campaign series. The chocolate time machine returns along with J.H. Whittaker – teaching the gift of giving and spreading the joy that is Whittaker’s chocolate, perfect for the festive season.
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Kāpiti takes out October Kantar Ad Impact Award
The October Kantar Ad Impact Award goes to Kāpiti’s “Too Good To Share” advert. With its playful, yet short and simple story line that is easy for viewers to follow, it engages its audience and makes them love the brand while also standing out vs other yoghurt brands – setting their brand apart.
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It’s now becoming more than just prudent to pre-test ads; it’s becoming a prerequisite
We are living in extraordinary times.   A global pandemic followed by world-wide inflation.  Every business is taking a good long hard look at its financials and planning its path forward with diligence. The same holds true for cost centres like marketing and brand management.  What is the best way forward in these unprecedented times?  How do we make the most of our marketing dollar?
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Ford takes out September Kantar Ad Impact Award
This month’s Kantar Ad Impact Award goes to Ford for their “All Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E” advert which introduces the new all electric Mustang to New Zealand. With its evocative voiceover of Henry Ford’s historic quote, scenes of horses running and quick close-up shots of the Mustang Mach-E, this 30’ TV advert quickly captures the audience’s attention...
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Menulog takes out August Kantar Ad Impact Award
The August Kantar Ad Impact Award goes to Menulog for their “Did Somebody Say” music video advert starring Katy Perry. While not new to New Zealand, this is their first advertising campaign here, and it enters with a bang. The TV ad follows Katy Perry as she receives a food delivery and proceeds to dance through her fantasy home in fun bright outfits singing the Menulog theme song.
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Whittaker’s takes out June Kantar Ad Impact Award
This month’s Kantar Ad Impact Award goes to Whittaker’s for their “Whittaker’s J.H. Returns” ad. Set recognisably in the heart of Wellington, the ad draws on the strong history of the brand to introduce their departure from brand ambassador Nigella Lawson.
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George Weston Foods takes out May Kantar Ad Impact Award
George Weston Foods takes out May Kantar Ad Impact Award   This month’s Kantar Ad Impact Award goes to George Weston Foods for their Ploughmans “Local Tastes Better” brand ad. Through the use of real Canterbury farmers, engaging in some friendly competitive banter about who has the best seeds and grains, this ad dials up […]
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Air New Zealand takes out April Kantar Ad Impact Award
This month, the well-loved brand Air New Zealand celebrated their 82nd birthday! To celebrate, they released a 60” advert that showcases 4 storylines over time – each putting the customers meaningful relationship with the Brand at the heart of the story to communicate how “it’s always been about you”.
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Supercheap Auto takes out the March StopPress Kantar Ad Impact Award
Through the use of humour, a simple message and relatable characters tinkering and loving their cars, the ‘Make it Super’ ad not only performs strongly on the core measures of successful advertising, but also makes the Brand more distinctive and appealing.
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The ‘Strategic Sparks’ behind the 2022 Kantar Creative Effectiveness Award Winners
As many of you may already know, this year’s winning TV ad in the global Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards went to Mitre 10’s With You All The Way. Find out more about the ‘strategic spark’ behind its success and those of other winners here.
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