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Kantar’s guide to growth through meaningfully different innovation.

How can you innovate differently in a competitive landscape?

How can you drive brand growth?

Why is it important to connect innovation with other areas of the business?

Beth Rundle
Beth Rundle

Head of Innovation
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Innovation is the foundation for brand growth – but the context for innovation is changing. New tensions are emerging, markets are more fragmented and consumers are more demanding than ever. 

Successful innovation is more than just creating products and services. It’s about delivering memorable and differentiating experiences that are anchored in a deep understanding of people’s needs and tensions in specific moments. 

​We guide and inspire you through all your innovation challenges, from identifying the crucial moments of opportunity and where to play, to when and how to deliver the ultimate experience. 

We apply the latest thinking in behavioural economics and cognitive science, and use technology to get you closer to the moments that matter to give you the best chance of market success. 

Innovation diagram
Innovation diagram-1

We help you develop a winning strategy for meaningfully different innovation​.

– What is changing in my market, my consumers’ world, and how do I better compete?
– What business and consumer tensions do we need to solve to drive incremental growth?
– When should I invest in new trending benefits?
– What opportunity spaces offer the most potential for my brand?
– What moments and tensions should I focus on to deliver memorable and differentiated experiences?
– How do I find breakthrough innovation ideas?

Innovation diagram-2

We help you build winning propositions and refine products to meet consumers’ needs and maximise success.

– How do my products perform from a sensory perspective against key competitors?
– How can I create an innovation stream and get to market fast?
– How do I fuel my innovation pipeline with breakthrough innovation ideas? Which of these ideas are the most promising?
– How do I minimise the risk of failure?
– How can the proposition be optimised to get maximum penetration and deliver top-line business growth?
– How do I refine the product offer to maximise repeat purchase and deliver great consumer experiences?
– What is the winning packaging design that will stand out and engage consumers?​​

Innovation diagram-3

We support you to manage your portfolio and successful ‘go to market’ strategy.

Do I have the right portfolio mix?
– What is right combination of price, pack and channel?
– What is the best price for my new or existing product?
– From which competitors can I steal market share?
– What is my forecasted volume and incremental sales growth?
– How should I adjust my marketing plan to achieve success?

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