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Data Visualisation Via Dashboarding

Dashboards and simulators help tell critical stories with data, so you can make strategic decisions. 

We deliver standard and custom technology platforms that bring together best-in-class design, data and business expertise.

Data & Analytics

We use advanced analytical techniques to extract the signal from the noise, answering the ‘why’, as well as the what and who.​​

We start with the business problem, then with our team of analysts, data scientists and data strategists we unpick the data problem, and work through our processes to uncover the data solution that ladders up to the business solution.


Kantar Marketplace is an automated market research platform designed for insights professionals, marketers and agencies who want to test, learn and move faster.

It is the only market research platform with solutions that have been independently validated to predict sales and brand growth. We are committed to helping you unlock powerful insights through our verified audiences, intuitive self-serve dashboards and expert consulting – in over 65 countries including New Zealand.


What makes us fascinating, complex human beings also makes us unpredictable and elusive. Influencing behaviour has never been easy, but understanding it fully is essential to inspiring confident business actions. And that’s what we do. 

Our qualitative experts combine years of experience with the latest thinking about the brain, the psyche, the senses, emotions and how we behave, to help you understand how people make decisions, form connections and place their trust. 


Sensory is a specialist area of market research that provides insights into the use of our senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) when evaluating consumer products. 

Sensory research is used to help our clients design better, more successful products with a great product experience, to ensure consumer satisfaction, repeat purchase and loyalty.

Sustainable Transformation

As consumer and employee activism become the new normal and environmental and social challenges dominate the news, sustainability has become one of the biggest strategic challenges facing marketers and businesses.

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