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Power your brand decisions with foresight.

Brand success comes from hitting short-term targets and simultaneously building the brand for the longer term. It’s not easy to deliver sales growth in the short-term and achieve long-term sustainable brand success. But the magic formula for brand growth exists… and it’s rooted in your brand tracker. 

Brand tracking is the ongoing measurement of your brand-building efforts against key metrics, such as brand awareness and perception. Trackers help brand owners to understand brand health and make informed decisions to increase sales, deliver greater return on marketing investment, and win market share. Many brand tracking studies are inflexible, with data from long consumer surveys. With Kantar, you can move beyond traditional brand tracking, using an agile system that gives you quick access to crucial insights you need, so you can make smart decisions to grow your brand.

Your bespoke brand tracking system can integrate all your data sources, including consumer research, search, social media, sales. With all your insights in one easy-to-use platform, your system can be built to give you the brand intelligence you need to manage and grow your brand.

Manage and improve your brand performance

Get quick and easy access to the brand insights you need, in one brand intelligence platform, with continuous brand and campaign measurement.

Brand planning

Find growth and shape the future of your brand by bringing together thousands of data points from multiple sources and combine with leading-edge analytics to uncover trends and future-focused insights.

Brand campaign management

Use deep-dive modules to understand which campaigns support your brand-building strategy, how to optimise your media mix or touchpoint strategy, or invest in your strongest ads and creative content.

Brand and portfolio management

Access, interrogate and share all your insights quickly and easily in one place, with access to brand experts to guide you. All designed so that you can make clear, confident decisions and take action.

Victoria Fedotova

Head of Brand Tracking
[email protected]

Tracking for brand growth: The magic formula

The magic formula for brand growth exists… and it’s rooted in your brand tracker. Discover the tracking elements that drive brand equity: what metrics to include, which data sources to combine, and how frequently to measure them.

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