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We use advanced analytical techniques to extract the signal from the noise, answering the ‘why’, as well as the what and who.​​

We start with the business problem, then with our team of analysts, data scientists and data strategists we unpick the data problem, and work through our processes to uncover the data solution that ladders up to the business solution. ​

Our model is split, either solution driven focusing on a consulting based approach, co-creating solutions that deliver maximum business impact or product led focusing on built products to deliver you speed and scale.  ​

We conduct big data analytics, data integration, mathematical modelling, machine learning, marketing science and data driven strategy consulting. ​

Brand & Marketing ROI

Maximising value creation from brand and media investments, by balancing short-term sales performance with long-term brand valuation and profitability.

Brand Strategy & Innovation Analytics 

Innovation lifecycle for long-term growth, from spotting new trends before your competitors, to optimising the profitability of your product launches.

Customer Analytics 

Making the right operational and strategic investment decisions in customer experience and loyalty marketing, to maximise the value of each and every customer relationship.

Digital Analytics

Use what consumers are saying or searching to identify key underserved consumer needs or emerging trends. Applies a structured approach to unstructured Search and Social information, leveraging NLP and AI.

Data Science

Using process and algorithms to extract knowledge and actionable insights from noisy structured and unstructured data to better understand consumers and performance. 

Data Strategy & Engineering 

Provides a strategic plan for data architecture, data reporting and data analytics opportunities​. A consultative approach to make sense of burgeoning data stores relevant to desired business need and outcomes​.

Stu Eagle
Stu Eagle

Technical Solutions Director
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