Kantar’s new marketing effectiveness solution

In 2022 it is hard to argue that the job of a marketer is becoming more difficult. Rising inflation is putting a squeeze on marketing budgets and at the same time is reducing consumers‘ purchasing power. It therefore makes sense for Chief Financial Officers, Chief Marketing Officers and Brand Managers to look to measure, monitor and improve the effectiveness of their marketing investment.

To date, most marketers are struggling to get, reliable, timely and consistent measurement of their marketing effectiveness across the plethora of channels they are using. The inevitable and impending removal of cookies will move marketers further away from their desire to have complete visibility of the performance of their marketing investment. The job of a marketer is without doubt getting harder and harder!

It is this complex nature of marketing and the fragmentated nature of media measurement which drove Kantar’s global acquisition of AI based marketing platform Blackwood Seven and its industry leading Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimisation (UMMO) methodology powered by Hamilton.AI. This acquisition provides New Zealand marketers with a unique solution that is trusted by global giants.

UMMO gives marketers a complete view of the performance of their media spend across online and offline channels without the need for cookies, at a publisher level of granularity.

For the first-time New Zealand will have access to a cost effective “always on” solution that enables them to demonstrate the contribution marketing is making to business results and make media investment decisions with confidence.

With UMMO, companies will know the dollar contribution their marketing investment is making to business results; how this breaks down by media channel, media placement, campaign, product type, geography etc; run optimisations of their existing budgets; and simulate the impact of increasing or reducing their media investment.

In short, UMMO brings together the insights marketers need for both strategic and tactical media investment decision-making, future-proofed against cookie deprecation.

We look forward to the new opportunities UMMO provides, to share our expertise in human understanding with clients as they seek to maximise their marketing ROI.


Jason Schoeman
Marketplace Director & Head of Media
[email protected]