How to build brands with commerce advertising

Analysis of Kantar’s media databases shows that commerce ads, both in store and online, are the most relevant and useful touchpoints for consumers. They capture attention right at the moment of purchase interest.


The line between offline and online has blurred in consumer journeys over recent years. Consumers search for products online and buy them in an offline store later, or vice versa. Commerce touchpoints are more integrated into the omnichannel path to purchase than ever before, with sophisticated targeting capabilities and digital platforms becoming a more integral part of consumers’ day-to-day life.

Insights from Kantar’s media databases show that given the interaction of online and offline touchpoints, marketers need to align media and advertising strategies across both to maximise brand building and improve marketing ROI.


The last chance to influence consumers

Point of Sale (POS/in-store) ads are one of the channels where consumers are most receptive to advertising, helped by its non-intrusive nature. POS advertising is the last chance for brands to influence consumers at the point of purchase and will remain essential for brand building.

Kantar’s CrossMedia database shows that POS ads are efficient in brand building across different KPIs and consumers are receptive to these ads. When run alongside paid media campaigns, POS ads are very cost effective for building brand equity. Kantar’s Media Reactions 2022 study ranks point of sale ads as consumers’ fourth most preferred place to see ads. And campaigns are seven times more impactful amongst receptive audiences.