Harness the power of emotion in digital advertising

We have identified that digital advertising that evokes strong emotions are four times more impactful for brands. This insight, while not completely novel, is very relevant for New Zealand marketers who face challenges in figuring out how to be most effective in the digital space.

In 2022, Kantar’s Media Reaction survey identified that marketers’ current understanding of what makes effective creative isn’t transferring well to the online environment. New Zealand consumers are less receptive to online video and TV streaming advertising compared to traditional channels, digital display advertising, and global norms. This low receptivity is at least in part explained by perceptions of poor quality, a feeling of it being intrusive and a sense of it being repetitious.

The use of consumer feedback to improve marketing communications is accelerating in New Zealand as Kantar’s AI powered tools and the speed of Kantar Marketplace is reducing cost and time barriers. However, in New Zealand only ~10% of ads researched are digital video ads, while globally this is ~20%. As spend on digital advertising continues to increase the importance of how to be most effective in digital formats needs to be re-evaluated.

Greater understanding of how to maximise the creative impact in the digital space is a cost-effective means to improving your marketing ROI. Improving a digital ad from mediocre to strong is shown to result in a +310% increase in in-market ad awareness. While customising creative to work in the different media environment while maintaining the right level of consistency results in an average +26% increase in the effectiveness of the entire campaign.

The webinar: Harness the power of emotion in digital advertising, is a great start to a conversation about how Kantar can help transfer your existing understanding of what makes effective creative to the digital environment. We hope you find this relevant and please reach out if you have any questions.

Jason Schoeman
Marketplace Director & Head of Media
[email protected]