Revealed: the most creative and effective ads, judged by Aussies and Kiwis.

Specsavers has topped the 2024 Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards ANZ.

It won with its humourous ‘Window Dresser’ ad by AJF Partnership.

Second was So Good’s How Good? So Good, followed by Tassal Prawns ‘Perfect Saucy or Straight Up?’ out-of-home creative in third.

The Specsavers ad, also a winner in Kantar’s global Creative Effectiveness Awards, demonstrates how to take a global creative idea and translate it meaningfully in a different soil without losing the brand’s essence.

“It perfectly caters to the Aussie palate where humour resonates hugely” says Irene Joshy, head of creative for Kantar in Australia and APAC.

“Specsavers deliver an epic moment eternalised through humour – owning both the faux-paus and the moment.”

Based on the testing conducted in 2023 of ads from the Kantar LINK database, all the creative winners from Australia and New Zealand are characterised by being in the top on two key measures: short-term sales prediction and demand power potential.

“What makes the Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards unique is that these are ads are judged by our audiences,” Joshy said.

“Both of our headline measures are validated against real life outcomes, and both contain metrics that relate to creative effectiveness.

“This year, the ads that have managed to make a mark with Aussies and Kiwis are those that have been meaningful in thought, deed and voice. The strategy used to deliver meaning differs resulting in five categories.”


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