Media Trends and Predictions 2023

Our latest Media Trends and Predictions report highlights how inflation is hitting advertiser’s media budget as demand remains high while inventory is constrained. Consumers changing media behaviours is one force behind this as consumers continue to move to environments with lower ad loads. Despite this shift consumers are more, not less accepting of seeing advertising. Part of this change in perception will be increasing economic constraints and consumers’ willingness to accept ad funded business models if it saves them money.

Despite increasing acceptance of ads, rising media costs means the business case for optimising creative and media continues to strengthen. The ROI from research and insights is further boosted by technology enabled platforms that is making it easier and faster for businesses to access these insights. With Kantar Marketplace, creative feedback from consumers is being presented in days not weeks. While on the Media front, sophisticated AI driven modelling advancements to Kantar’s Unified Marketing Mix Optimisation offer has enabled brand to now continuously track and optimise the performance of their media spend, regardless of whether the publisher is online or offline.

Jason Schoeman
Marketplace Director & Head of Media
[email protected]