Brand guidance

Knowing how, when and where to activate your brand has never been more important, more urgent or more possible in today’s technology and data-driven world.

Brands face a continuing proliferation of media channels and touch points and more demanding consumers, with more choice and more to say than ever before. This connected world brings an overwhelming amount of information and data. In searching for the best opportunities for growth it’s easy to be data rich, yet insight poor.

Less than one in ten brands grow in this environment. And we know that those that do, create meaningful differentiation, drive power in the mind and add value to people’s lives. In this fast-moving world, the role of brands is still to create competitive advantage that results in choice. What has changed is the complexity and difficulty of activating a brand.

We help you find meaningful patterns in your data so you can act with speed to stay ahead. We help you build powerful connections with the right people, through the right channels, with the right message, at the right time. Our brand guidance systems are comprehensive and agile and provide the actionable insights you need for your business, when you need them. We intelligently integrate validated survey measures with social, search, sales, media, behavioural data and more, to create a lean programme that provides fast, early warning indicators to help you course-correct. We complement this with on-demand, deep-dive modules so you can respond quickly to challenges and optimise your brand or campaign.

Make better, faster decisions to drive profitable growth in today’s extraordinary world.

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