Data analytics & marketing science

We collect and interpret data to empower senior executives and front-line staff to achieve better outcomes.

Our Data Science team conduct big data analytics, data integration, mathematical modelling, machine learning and data-driven strategy consulting. We employ our client’s own data, primary research, open source data and we have proprietary agreements with third party data providers to get a full picture of your customers.

Through analyses of these data we advise corporations and government on how to improve performance through a better understanding of their customers and stakeholders.

Marketing Science is slightly different from Data Science in that the data we analyse is typically primary research data. But we also have experience working with client databases, raw transactional data, web clickstream data or any combination of these. Our goal is to turn data, through the use of advanced statistical or mathematical modelling, into stories/insights that answer specific client questions to help drive growth.

Our Marketing Science team love dealing with numbers, the feeling at the start of a project when anything is possible but all you have to start with is a whole bunch of 0’s and 1’s or 1-10 scales. We take those big, sometimes messy, data and transform them into any of a number of things – a pricing strategy, a customer segmentation, market share or volumes from a new product launch, information to help optimise the ROI of your media spend or what to focus on to improve brand equity or customer satisfaction.



Marketing Science Director

Our Insights

What is Big Data?
What is big data? The first step to understanding the potential of big data is to sidestep the technical descriptions of what it is and realise that big data is a term can be applied to any broad dataset.
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Case study: Using data science to maximise growth
Data Science is a discipline that, while established in academia and industrial research, is comparatively new to the business world. It offers powerful tools for evidence–based decision–making and can be a highly effective way for a business to become more profitable.
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The Database of Babel – Thought leadership
Jorge Luis Borges wrote of the Library of Babel; an infinite span of hexagonal rooms lined on every side with books, containing within them every possible ordering of symbols in the Latin alphabet. Within this library lies everything that is known, can be known, that cannot be known and is yet true, that once was known and is now forgotten and that will someday be known but is at present not.
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Case study: Marketing science segmentation
How an entire membership database could be segmented with existing data.
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AI meets market research
Text analytics combined with survey data reveals how reputation plays a role in building positive and memorable branded experiences.
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Big data Q and A’s
When it comes to big data New Zealand businesses may already be sitting on a gold mine – they just need to know how to extract the precious metal, and the profits will flow.
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Latest Thinking

The Natural Confectionery Co. takes out October Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award
Sonically charged, this best all round performing ad arrests our attention with a banging beat sung by a cute kid in the back of her mum’s car.
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Customer Leadership Index 2021
Sharesies has topped the annual Kantar Customer Leadership Index, New Zealand’s leading ranking of the best brands for customer experience.
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Rangitikei Free Range Chicken takes out September Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award
A feast of exquisite culinary close-ups beautifully accompanied by the strains of Mozart makes this Rangitikei Free Range Chicken TVC the irresistible winner of the September Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Awards.
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V Energy takes out August Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award
A reprise of some previous characters now reinvented and repurposed for a new audience; The August Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award goes to V Energy.
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