Brands that succeed in this environment are the ones that resonate with and engage people, because they add value to their lives. And they do this in a consistent, coherent way across touch points to deliver their short-term objectives and build the brand in the long term.

With the most complete view of people globally – the way they live, think, feel, shop, engage, watch and post – we know what makes brands succeed. Successful brands create meaningful differentiation and have strong presence in the market; they know who they are, and deliver an experience to match. Our experts bring together deep human understanding, the latest thinking and integrated insights from different data sources. Our validated and scalable approaches help you shape, build and manage your brands for profitable growth, while measuring what matters most for your brand’s success so you can define a winning strategy and respond quickly to opportunities and threats.

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Our Insights

V Energy takes out August Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award
A reprise of some previous characters now reinvented and repurposed for a new audience; The August Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award goes to V Energy.
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Brands Kiwis Love 2019
Since 2012 we have asked 1,000 New Zealanders which brands Kiwis love – Whittaker’s again takes the top spot being the most loved brand. Over the last year, Whittaker’s have been extremely busy with several initiatives driving love for their brand.
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BrandZ Top 100 for 2019
BrandZ™ is the largest global brand equity platform covering over 100,000 brands across 45 countries. It’s the only brand valuation ranking that measures the contribution of the brand that is validated to in market sales.
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How can we help your brand?
It is still possible to make great creative content in this fragmented environment and this can be easily achieved no matter where you are in the development process with the right expertise and solutions on hand to assist.
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Successful brands deliver real financial value
Strong brands enable companies to enter new markets and categories. They allow businesses to command premium prices for their products and retain talented staff.
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Meaningful different framework
Through years of continuous tracking, and through building our BrandZ database, we’ve built an unrivalled understanding of how brands work. From this understanding, we’ve developed the Meaningfully Different Framework to help brands create financial value and growth.
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Brand guidance part 2
Brands are losing intimacy with consumers, putting them at risk of becoming irrelevant. These changes require a disruptive yet holistic system to connecting with consumers, ensuring brands identify growth opportunities more effectively and prioritise marketing dollars more efficiently.
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Brand guidance
Knowing how, when and where to activate your brand has never been more important, more urgent or more possible in today’s technology and data-driven world.
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Brand strategy
People today have more choice, more channels, more influence and an increasing cynicism about brands. It is more important than ever to have a sharp and differentiated brand positioning, clarity of purpose and cultural relevance to stand out from the crowd and resonate with your audiences.
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Brands Kiwis Love 2018
After a draw in last year's survey, Whittaker's has slipped just ahead of the All Blacks as New Zealand's Most Loved Brand. Whittaker's has taken the top spot every year in the seven years Colmar Brunton has done the survey.
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Latest Thinking

The Natural Confectionery Co. takes out October Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award
Sonically charged, this best all round performing ad arrests our attention with a banging beat sung by a cute kid in the back of her mum’s car.
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Customer Leadership Index 2021
Sharesies has topped the annual Kantar Customer Leadership Index, New Zealand’s leading ranking of the best brands for customer experience.
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Rangitikei Free Range Chicken takes out September Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award
A feast of exquisite culinary close-ups beautifully accompanied by the strains of Mozart makes this Rangitikei Free Range Chicken TVC the irresistible winner of the September Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Awards.
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V Energy takes out August Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award
A reprise of some previous characters now reinvented and repurposed for a new audience; The August Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award goes to V Energy.
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