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As New Zealand’s most recognised market research and insights agency we know how to draw out meaningful consumer insights that will make a difference to your business. The nature of data may be changing, but the need for insight hasn’t. Our deep understanding of how people think, feel, act, shop, share, vote and view leads to insights that help organisations grow in a profitable and sustainable way.

Advertising effectiveness

Successful campaigns start with a clear human insight and tell stories that resonate consistently across all touch points, online and off. They communicate a meaningful difference, generate sales in the short-term, build brands in the long-term and have the power to increase ROI ten-fold.

We help clients navigate the creative journey from identifying the best idea, right through to flawless execution and best practice learnings for their next campaign. Drawing on the world’s largest database, behavioural measures, neuroscience capabilities, and extensively validated solutions, we show brands how to develop and optimise their creative to stand out, create meaningful impressions and generate sales.

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People experience brands across an ever-growing range of touchpoints. The most successful brands are able to align all the moments that really matter to consumers – from communications to product experience. We live in the age of experience and help brands drive volume share, command a higher price premium, increase marketing ROI, and achieve future brand growth. We’ll help you identify brand opportunities and optimise your budget in today’s fast-moving digital and mobile world, and identify and shape the touchpoints that will create impact in the mind and in the market, and deliver extraordinary growth for your brand.

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Marketers invest huge amounts of time, energy and money in brand building, yet marketing budgets are wasted if a brand does not stand out at the point of sale. In a world where people are overwhelmed by communications, and inundated by choice, purchase moments, online or offline, are critical to brand success.

So how do you know precisely when and where to invest in shopper marketing for maximum return? In today’s fragmented retail, shopping and payment landscape, conversion at point-of-sale has become ever more challenging for sustained brand and category growth. For your brand to break through, you need to identify the moments along the path to purchase where you can truly connect with people in time to influence their decisions.


Customer experience

From defining your CX strategy to embedding customer feedback throughout your organisation, activating change and monitoring business impact, we help you transform your organisation to become truly customer-centric. Advanced analytics and leading technology platforms help you activate the voice of the customer.

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Data analytics

We are living in a world of data – every time someone says or does anything online and sometimes offline, that is another data point that can be collected and analysed.  There is so much data available – whether it is from a client’s own database or from a third party source – that sometimes we don’t need to conduct primary research to solve a client’s problem.  We can simply combine and analyse the vast array of data that is already out there.

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Innovation is the go-to strategy for growth in today’s competitive, experiential environment. So how do you know precisely when and where to invest to find elusive incremental growth? Successful innovation delivers memorable and differentiating experiences anchored in a deep understanding of people, and their tensions and needs in specific moments. To grow, brands must innovate to add value to people’s lives. From identifying the crucial moments of opportunity and where to play, to when and how to deliver the ultimate experience, we apply the latest thinking in behavioural economics and cognitive science, and use technology like virtual reality and wearable cameras to get closer to the moments that matter. Seize the extraordinary moments of opportunity in this new world of innovation.

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Media and Digital

With comprehensive media and digital solutions for enhanced measurement and increased media effectiveness, we help clients navigate media decisions in today’s fast-changing world of media. Our solutions help advertisers, agencies, and publishers understand connected consumers, plan and optimise media investments, and increase total brand performance.

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The use of consumer neuroscience in marketing measures the deep subconscious in the areas of advertising, packaging, product and shopper solutions and helps measure emotions on a moment-by-moment basis.



What makes us fascinating, complex human beings also makes us unpredictable and elusive. Influencing behaviour has never been easy, but understanding it fully is essential to inspiring confident business and social actions.  And that’s what we do.

Our qualitative experts combine years of experience with the latest thinking about the brain, the psyche, the senses and emotions to help you understand how people make decisions, form connections, and place their trust.



Sensory research is a unique area of market research that combines data analysis and the use of our senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) for the purpose of evaluating consumer products. Sensory evaluation can help you launch successful products, with a great product experience which is a key determinant of repeat purchase. Throughout the product development process, we have a range of tools to help you – from identifying winning ideas right through to optimising in-market products and packaging.

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Sustainability is important to Kantar and is at the forefront of much of our work and the motivation behind our annual report, Better Futures.

We are also CEMARS certified and members of the Sustainable Business Council.

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