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Strong creative equals strong profitability!
Did you know that the most creative and effective ads generate more than four times as much profit as those with low creative quality? If you are looking at which growth levers to pull or are looking to build your case to hold onto creative budget in these lean times, this is certainly something worth factoring into your thinking.
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It’s now becoming more than just prudent to pre-test ads; it’s becoming a prerequisite
We are living in extraordinary times.   A global pandemic followed by world-wide inflation.  Every business is taking a good long hard look at its financials and planning its path forward with diligence. The same holds true for cost centres like marketing and brand management.  What is the best way forward in these unprecedented times?  How do we make the most of our marketing dollar?
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Creative Effectiveness Awards 2021 – A Kiwi Perspective
This is the second year of the prestigious global Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards and we are very pleased to bring you some of the key learnings from our evaluation of more than 10,000 ads that consumers have given us their feedback on.
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